Market Challenges

Today Companies and People have to face continuous change: new technologies succeed rapidly and business cycles are increasingly short. 47% of Italian companies report TALENT SHORTAGE, difficult talent acquisition of employees with the necessary skills to run a dynamic activity. This percentage rise to 84% in companies with over 250 employees.

Which strategies have to be implemented promptly to keep up with the future of employment?

The answer is Manpower Academy, MapowerGroup training center


Our training solutions abreast of market trends

Every year Manpower Academy delivers over 30.000 training hours, to more than 20.000 people for over 1.000 customers covering, among others, these topics:


Manpower Academy offers customized training according to companies goals. These are some of the challenges we turned into success stories:


  • Enhanced knowhow connected to Key People skills model change
  • Innovative Active Workshops - Vuca Training Framework
  • Testing and acquisition of innovative Leadership behaviors


  • Mindset Change for Human Resources Business Partners
  • Innovation and development of HR key employees
  • Development of HR Business Partners into change agents and corporate values ambassadors.


  • Uniformity and methodological standards in Managers assessment process
  • Upskilling as methodology to be implemented
  • New Performance cycle with training available to all Managers


  • Development of managers’ behaviors in favour of a more agile model, based on the empowerment and growth of the employees
  • More innovative and advanced management techniques
  • Senior Managers with a new leadership Mindset

Manpower Academy implements projects in industrial districts and in highly productive areas aiming at people’s specialized training responding to companies needs.

Goal: facing the difficulty that many companies have in finding skilled employees.
Method: Manpower Academy implements synergies with the companies and the other district stakeholders: training centers, institutions, schools;
Target: the training courses are addressed to unemployed people and they are free of charge, thanks to the support of private, public, sector specific funding made available by Manpower.

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The answer is Manpower Academy, MapowerGroup training center

In addition to its twenty-year experience, Manpower Academy offers something extra: BRAINing Approach, a new approach to training based on cognitive neurosciences, acting on brain plasticity, by creating new connections through experience, learning, physical and mental exercise.
Acquiring new skills is an important strategic lever to remain competitive in the market, it enhances the enterprise value, it improves employer branding and it grows employee motivation.
84% of employers envisaged actions aimed at the development of new skills for their employees in 2020.
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