Le nostre ricerche illustrano come le organizzazioni e gli individui possono essere vincenti in un mondo del lavoro in continua evoluzione e ci aiutano a fornire workforce solutions davvero innovative.


NEW - How We Want to Work

What Employers Need to Know About Candidate Work Model Preferences

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NEW - Siri, Trovami un nuovo lavoro

Perché i datori di lavoro dovrebbero adottare un approccio high-touch/high-tech per attrarre i candidati.

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Aggiungi al Carrello: i Candidati sono anche Consumatori

L'impatto dell'esperienza del Candidato sul suo Comportamento di Acquisto.

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Swipe Right

Swipe Right: Candidate Technology Preferences During the Job Search

November 2017

Technology is embedded in everything we do and it has affected most (or nearly all) aspects of the hiring cycle. Candidates use technology to search and apply for jobs. Employers use technology to engage candidates, build talent communities and interview prospects.

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Work for Me

Work, for Me - Understanding Candidate Demand for Flexibility

July 2017

Workplace flexibility as a talent management policy is no longer an option; it is an essential practice that enables organizations to attract and develop skilled talent. The practice is rapidly becoming a win-win: reflective of employee and employer needs.

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